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Monday, April 28, 2008

EAD application to be revsied

Usually when you apply green card, you will get EAD (Employment Authorization Document) first. EAD application is called I-765 and will have new one. After July 9, 2008, USCIS will only accept the new edition of I-765 application so if you file Green Card yourself, do not forget to use the new form.

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Phil said...

Foreign nationals who are temporarily in the U.S. may file and submit Form i765, Application for Employment Authorization to obtain an EAD. Each employment authorization document is issued for a specified period of time based on the foreign national’s immigration situation. If a foreign national successfully completes the application for employment authorization he or she will be issued a valid EAD. He or she will then be authorized to work in the United States without their employer having to file and submit a non-immigrant petition.