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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two H1B at the same time?

The answer is it depends. If you apply two H1B visa with the same company and same or similar position to get the limited H1B quota, that won't work.

However, when you got two offers and do not know which company you should work for, you can apply two H1B visa first and then decide the company later. Actually, you can have two full time H1B but I do not know when you can sleep.

So how about one full time H1B and one part time H1B? Again, you can have two at the same time.
I am not sure if you can physically work in one state and do telecoms the other. In this case, please consult with your lawyer. When you have two H1B, for example, you have A company full time H1B from Jan 1 2008 to Dec 31 2008 and B company part time H1B from Jan 1 2008 to Dec 31 2008, you only consume one year H1B period, not two just because you have two H1B.

reminder, you can not have two status at the same time, such as F1 and H1B at the same time. You should use H1B status if you also want to go to school because it is cheaper that way. You will not be asked to pay international student rate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Perm process delay

Usually PERM now is filed electronically and usually takes only about two weeks or so. But now it take more than a month maybe even longer. I am not sure why and all the immigration news I read indicate such event. I hope after holidays they will speed up the process.

Happy New Year!