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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Why you should know this data

For H1B job seeker, you should know if the company you apply job from ever sponsored H1B visa. If they do, how much is your job should be paid. You should not get paid less than what is the minimum salary for that certain position. This is the regulation.

For non-H1B job seeker, you should know if your company is paying less than it requires to pay H1B workers. If your company does pay less, you know that your company violate the regulation.

H1B data will helpyou find the answer you have been looking for.
How much did the company pay H1B worker before and you will have better idea of how much you should ask. Maybe you do not even have to bother because the company you apply does not sponsor before, most likely they now will not either.


Q: How does this work?
A:Just choose how many companies H1B data you want to check and then the data will send you in excel file via e mail.
It looks as above picture.(The company name is not shown to keep confidential)

Q: How can I let H1B data know which company I am looking for?
A: After checkout you will receive invoice from Google Check out and you can contact H1B data by clicking "Contact H1B data" or you can contact H1B data after you complete the transaction. Choose " see up to date progress" and there is also a "Cntact H1B data" function.

Q:How long will I receive the data?
A: Usually you will receive the data in one or two days. If you do not recieve the data you request, please send e mail to customer service.

Q: What if I want to know data more than 5 companies?
A: Currently this website is using Goolge checkout and does not support shopping cart. So if you would like to know more than 5 companies H1B data, please repeat purchases. After this site has more funding, shopping cart feature will be added.

Q:What if the company I am looking for does not have any H1B data, will I still be charged?
A: No. Right now you will not be charged if there is no data available. If you are charged, you will have full refund.

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Harsh said...

Please can you let me know, how you can check the data for the companies, whether they did any H1 in the past or not? It would be great to know this data.