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Saturday, February 17, 2007

How do I get my H1B visa part 2

So what should you do if you try to get a job here in USA? Do as American do. Get some internship to build your working history here in the states. Even you got paid nothing. Yes, you read it right, even you got paid nothing. Do you still want to get something other than experience? Go to your school's international student office and apply one permit called CPT to earn credits to your degree. Even though you get paid nothing, you still earning credits, not bad at all. Some internship might end up to permanent position.

If you go to Check out your H1B job salary and find out your dream company does not have sponsor record, what should you do? Easy, make yourself be the first person to be sponsored. How? ask your lawyer or explain how this works. If the company does sponsor, please check your H1B job salary and you will know if the company pay you fairly. If the company fail to pay at standard, actually it might not be a good idea to work there.

All the job searching techniq is the same, you just need to make sure you are not underpaid because some bad company think they can take advantage of you since you require sponsorship.

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