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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

American High Tech Sweatshops and H1B visa

This week in BusinessWeek magazine talks about H1b visa abuse and some so called "outsourcing consultanting" company how do they mistreat honest H1B visa workers.
see article here" Ameircan High Tech Sweatshops and H1B visa"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

USCIS name check backlog eliminated

Name check is one of the important step for USCIS and FBI to determine if you are a good standing person who did not conduct any criminal offensive that might potentially harm USA. Name check used to take for a while and if you are in bad luck, such as the same name as most wanted, it will take a while and there is some backlog. No more. According to the USCIS press release in June, they are eliminating these backlog thanks to updated computerization and more staffing.

TARP Receiver can not sponsor H1B visa

Sorry for my reluctant postings recently. As current economic downturn, there are not much movement for H1B. I would like to share some news that occur when U.S. government bailed out some big bank and how it also hurt some skilled workers. Please see news here.