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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Citizenship test questions

After 5 years holding your green card, you can apply for citizenship. You will need to pass 6 questions out of 10 questions that tester ask you. The questions will be chosen from 100 questions pool. Right now there are three languages test available, Chinese, English and Spanish. USCIS also provide flash card so you can better prepare your test. See more educational material here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lehman Brothers and H1B

If Lehman Brothers can disappear overnight then H1B holders sometimes might worry what it the same thing happen to them? When the company file chapter 11, they might still operating so your H1B will be ok as long as you are not laid off. In other words, you need to be "hired" to keep your H1B. When you would like to go to next step, Green Card, it might be risky as USCIS will consider the company "ability to pay". Sometimes Fortune 500 company is not the best place to get H1B as they usually have more hiarachy and you need to go through more people to get your paperwork done. more people usually means more time and what H1B applicants do not have is time.

Oct visa bulletin

Oct visa bulletin does not have good news. Employment base EB2 people from China and India processing time have draw back.