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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Process Premium H1B

Process expedite premium H1B visa will cost you 1000 dollars. Should you throw a grand or not? Well, people say time is money, if you can use money to buy time, why not? While you are still waiting for your H1B visa result, have you ever thought that you might not get it? If you are in OPT, you are wasting time waiting for the H1B which is not approved. It might takes months and you are suppose to use those precious time to find another job. I personally used premium process H1B visa and I knew that I did not waste anytime if my H1B did not go though. It takes me two weeks to know the result. I know all my friends who did not process premium are very anxious that period of time. If you can afford it, pay it , it makes you sleep better.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

How do I get my H1B visa part 2

So what should you do if you try to get a job here in USA? Do as American do. Get some internship to build your working history here in the states. Even you got paid nothing. Yes, you read it right, even you got paid nothing. Do you still want to get something other than experience? Go to your school's international student office and apply one permit called CPT to earn credits to your degree. Even though you get paid nothing, you still earning credits, not bad at all. Some internship might end up to permanent position.

If you go to Check out your H1B job salary and find out your dream company does not have sponsor record, what should you do? Easy, make yourself be the first person to be sponsored. How? ask your lawyer or explain how this works. If the company does sponsor, please check your H1B job salary and you will know if the company pay you fairly. If the company fail to pay at standard, actually it might not be a good idea to work there.

All the job searching techniq is the same, you just need to make sure you are not underpaid because some bad company think they can take advantage of you since you require sponsorship.

How do I get my H1B visa part 1

I am now working under H1B visa. Like most H1B holder, I came to USA as an international student first, then applied OPT after finishing my degree.One year OPT usually is not that enough for job hunting considering most of the companies are hesitating hiring non-residents.

That is why you need to prepare yourself as soon as possible. Even though you are from top tier school , as a non-resident , chances are either HR in the company have little or no knowledge about H1B application , or they will reject you due to application complication and fear not to protect local labor force. I have heard a person got an offer from big commnication company ,because of its bureacy , it takes a while to process internal paper work and miss the application quota.

If you have been working in your home country for years and imagining American companies will hungry for your talent think twice. The company you worked before might only famous in your country and most of the American are not aware. Even the company you worked before in home country is international cooperation, they might still doubt your ability to work here.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Why you should know this data

For H1B job seeker, you should know if the company you apply job from ever sponsored H1B visa. If they do, how much is your job should be paid. You should not get paid less than what is the minimum salary for that certain position. This is the regulation.

For non-H1B job seeker, you should know if your company is paying less than it requires to pay H1B workers. If your company does pay less, you know that your company violate the regulation.

H1B data will helpyou find the answer you have been looking for.
How much did the company pay H1B worker before and you will have better idea of how much you should ask. Maybe you do not even have to bother because the company you apply does not sponsor before, most likely they now will not either.


Q: How does this work?
A:Just choose how many companies H1B data you want to check and then the data will send you in excel file via e mail.
It looks as above picture.(The company name is not shown to keep confidential)

Q: How can I let H1B data know which company I am looking for?
A: After checkout you will receive invoice from Google Check out and you can contact H1B data by clicking "Contact H1B data" or you can contact H1B data after you complete the transaction. Choose " see up to date progress" and there is also a "Cntact H1B data" function.

Q:How long will I receive the data?
A: Usually you will receive the data in one or two days. If you do not recieve the data you request, please send e mail to customer service.

Q: What if I want to know data more than 5 companies?
A: Currently this website is using Goolge checkout and does not support shopping cart. So if you would like to know more than 5 companies H1B data, please repeat purchases. After this site has more funding, shopping cart feature will be added.

Q:What if the company I am looking for does not have any H1B data, will I still be charged?
A: No. Right now you will not be charged if there is no data available. If you are charged, you will have full refund.

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