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Saturday, February 17, 2007

How do I get my H1B visa part 1

I am now working under H1B visa. Like most H1B holder, I came to USA as an international student first, then applied OPT after finishing my degree.One year OPT usually is not that enough for job hunting considering most of the companies are hesitating hiring non-residents.

That is why you need to prepare yourself as soon as possible. Even though you are from top tier school , as a non-resident , chances are either HR in the company have little or no knowledge about H1B application , or they will reject you due to application complication and fear not to protect local labor force. I have heard a person got an offer from big commnication company ,because of its bureacy , it takes a while to process internal paper work and miss the application quota.

If you have been working in your home country for years and imagining American companies will hungry for your talent think twice. The company you worked before might only famous in your country and most of the American are not aware. Even the company you worked before in home country is international cooperation, they might still doubt your ability to work here.

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