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Friday, April 4, 2008

17-Month Extension of Optional Practical Training

News Confirmed. It seems OPT holder need to have 12 month OPT first and then apply extension. At the same time, rule did not include business graduate to extend OPT period. Only science, technology, engineering, or mathematics graduate can apply. See original official press release here.

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ramesh said...

Why is food science not in the STEM? I am an international student with PhD in food science and have worked on an interdisciplinary research for 4 years. My research uses the concepts of chemical engineering and food science but my degree is in food science. I do not know the logic behind not including food science in the list of STEM majors. Food Science majors are in great demand in the industry and the DHS should do a research before leaving it. I hope DHS will realize its mistake and will include Food Science in the STEM majors list. I also believe that PhDs from good US universities should be included in a separate visa category. We spend 5 years of our time doing good research and what we get at the end is struggle for work authorization. The H1B consultants bring people from all over the world and they give them just visa and no real work.