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Saturday, February 9, 2008

It is about time to prepare your H1B visa

People will think there are 65,000 world wide quota for regular H1B visa applicants and 20,000 for master degree holder but the truth is 65,000 quota include Singapore and Chile reserved quota so people from those two countries will get the piority. Last year 65,000 quota used up at the first day and 20,000 qu0ta also used up in mid April.

Even though the company will use the their own lawyer instead of the one you choose, you should still work with the company lawyer closely to make sure the process is handled properly as a lot of company lawyer might not be specilized in immigrantion issue.

For those who just graduate from school, please find out your OPT expiration date as you might have gap between your OPT expiration date and October H1B effective date. All H1B will effect on October the first.

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