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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poll Result: How much did you pay for Attorney fee?

First I would like to thank all the people who participate this first H1Bdata blog poll. There are total 34 people who share their info with us. Most people fall into category of $500-1,000 (38%) and more than $1,500 (41%). When you are talking about immigrants economic contribution, these 34 people contribute about $37,250 or more(250*1+750*13+1250*5+1500*14). If one pay 500 and the other pay 1500, there is a huge 1,000 dollar gap between attorney fee. Just 34 people! If you can get the same quality of service for 500 or less, why pay more?

There must be a way for fellow H1B applicants find a way to find better service with awesome price...maybe a website? any programmer out there? Do not hesitate to leave your comments!

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