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Thursday, March 20, 2008

2009 H1B visa new announcement

1. H1B visa (non master degree holder quota) usually used up within one day. People from Singapore and Chile have special reserved quota included so total available quota is less than 6,5000.
Instead of random picked applicants who submit case on April 1 (or maybe April 2 when quota filled up), USCIS decided to draw "lucky applicants" between April 1 to April 5. It means you get less chance to win the lotto.

2. For master degree holder who pursue 25,000 quota, applicants have two times opportunities to enter drawing, one for master degree round and the other for regular round(65,000)

3. No duplicate H1B visa applications in one company for the same person.

4. Applicants who hold master degree need to complete all required courses and necessary dissertation.

5. Premium service fee 1000 dollars remain the same but case will be processed after USCIS finish drawing.

see more detail please visit official USCIS press release on March 19.

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